Monday, August 13, 2012


So, Landon graduated.

He's officially a MASTER of Geology.

The funny thing is, the celebration felt a little anticlimactic to us.

We're beyond thrilled at his accomplishment. We have loved BYU.

Here we learned how to work hard, make time for each other, live on a tight budget, and that "Jimmer" can be a verb.

We also started our family here - proudly bringing our BYU baby home.

But the hard work was over when Landon finished defending his thesis.

For the last 4 weeks, we've been making preparations for our big move to the next phase of life - a doctoral program at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Today, Landon started his first day as a stay-at-home Dad, and we're staying put for the next 4 weeks.

So really, for us, commencement wasn't an ending, and it wasn't a beginning.

It was just the middle.

Walt and I are so proud of you, Landon!! Thanks for working so hard and still making time for us at the end of the day. More school is going to be tough, but no doubt it will be an adventure equal to the one we've had here at BYU.

So long BYU - thanks for all the shoes.

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