Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Epic Week Part One: The Wedding

I think I'm still in shock. I can't believe my best friend hero idol big brother is married. I can't believe he landed such an amazing wife. Or maybe I can. He is pretty awesome. The wedding day was beautiful, perfect, and supremely happy. We are all tired out. But it was great. I was not the wedding photographer (thank goodness!), and I didn't even take my camera to the temple because I wanted to just enjoy it. So here's a random assortment of luncheon and reception photos. Love you guys!

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Chelsi said...

A - we are so HAPPY for Josh and Sam too!
B - We loved seeing you, even if we didn't get to really visit much--umm hello, it's not like you were busy being a gorgeous bridesmaid and mom.
C - that last picture of Walt - please tell me you are going to blow that up and hang it on your wall, cause if you don't, I just might. :)