Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Deep Breath

Some days, we have it all figured out. We deep-clean the house, cook healthy meals, spend time playing hide-and-seek, go for walks, spread kindness and cheer, and sprinkle a little fairy dust around. We have a 5-year plan.

Other days, we get phone calls full of opportunity that we hadn't anticipated. We agonize over what to do for our family. We wonder if we're providing the best possible life for our son. We spend hours on the couch letting Walt run rampant while we talk it out. And at the end of the day, we've made a decision. And we're STILL agonizing a little bit.

But here goes.

Next fall, you will find our family here:
Moving our family to Seattle isn't the easiest decision we've ever made. Among other things, it's farther from our family, it's expensive to live there, and we had already committed to the University of Utah when the call came. We will miss out on so much grandparent time. We will have to live with the rain. I will have to look for work/daycare in a new city where I have no contacts. But UW is possibly the BEST school in the country for what Landon is studying. It's like the Harvard of Paleoclimatology. An offer like that doesn't come around every day. We feel like this will open doors in ways we can't even imagine right now. It will be a short-term sacrifice for the fulfillment of long-term dreams. And oh...that library.
It's the perfect place for the metamorphosis to Dr. Burgener, don't you think?

Deep breath. Here we go.


Chelsi said...

Embrace it baby! Really, no looking back. We have loved every new adventure we've had and look forward to having many more. Besides, I always figure my life would be way to predictable and boring if it went right along according to my five year plan. So excited for you. EEEEEEE Washington here you come!

kenna said...


you and i can go on journeys together, except in the opposite direction as far as location goes.

you will rock this.

Roger and Laurene said...

You are such a great writer. I love how well you articulate what we are all feeling. Less grandparent time is tough, but we are so proud of you all and we know this is a great opportunity. We can hardly wait to have a real doctor in the family.
One down, one to go. ;)
We love you.

Jenay said...

Aaaaah! So exciting!!! Seattle is awesome awesome awesome, including the weather. All of Ryan's family lives there, and we want to move there too as soon as we're done with grad school. Let me know if you need a nice contact for anything in the area, his family is super-nice. Maybe we'll be neighbors one of these days. . .

Alex and Amy Diestler said...

Congrats Kylie! Seattle is hands-down my favorite city of all time. I have no doubt that you will love it there! Being away from family is hard, but it will make your little family stronger. And don't worry, the beautiful long sunny summers will make up for the rain. It sounds like a fantastic opportunity!

Jamie Blake said...

Congrats!!! I'm so proud of you guys. :)I know picking up and moving far away from family is hard, but the experiences Bryce and I have had from living away from "home" have been so wonderful (and hard too), and I wouldn't trade them for the world. You will do great! Plus, Seattle??!! I'd move there in a heartbeat!!
good luck!!

Blackburn Family said...

Hey Kylie! I found your blog through Nancy Tietjen's. Anyway, your little boy is so cute and congratulations on the school!

Craig and Sarah said...

Congrats you guys! Good luck on your new adventures!!