Monday, March 26, 2012

Antelope Island

Life is stressful. And that's not a bad thing. It means we're keeping busy with work, school, our favorite 9-month-old, friends, family, checking the mail, hobbies, Church callings, housekeeping, playing, walking, pretending to be grown ups, and documenting all of the above.

I'd had my eye on last Saturday for awhile...It was our only free weekend for about the next 2 months, and I wanted to make it count. Add in the 70 degree weather forecast, and we suddenly had big, outdoorsy, road-trippy plans.
A friend of mine recently reminded me that, as much as we LOVE to travel (and we really, really do), there are so many neat things right here in Utah that we have yet to see. We have a mental list of them, and there are still quite a few we're hoping to hit during our tenure in this state. Three minutes and a Google search later -- Antelope Island, here we come!

For a half tank of gas, an hour of driving, and $9, we had the perfect day.
Seriously. The island doesn't look like much from the freeway -- but it is a little slice of paradise right in Salt Lake City. 
We adored the beach - complete with sand and water warm enough to wade in.
Although Walt may take exception with that last statement...
 We needed this day - to remind us that the future is fluid. Things change, and that's OK. Things stay the same; that is also OK.
We are at a fun stage of life. We have the privilege of living on a small income, getting creative with date night, sometimes letting dinner be pizza, allowing dishes to pile up in the sink so we can play peek-a-boo and wrestle on the floor, making big decisions, and sometimes letting go of our plan - for the night, the week, the next 3 years...
As long as we're together, we're enjoying the ride.


kenna said...

LOVE the pictures. looks like it was a wonderful day. i think i need to follow suit. we need a little vaycay over here.

Chelsi said...

I love this post and love the pictures. I've never been to Antelope Island - very cool.

Andrea said...

Way to make the most of your free day! I definitely know there is a reason the proclamation on the family includes wholesome recreational activities! The pictures are beautiful!

Jamie Blake said...

Awesome pictures, and a wonderful place, so close to my hometown! Glad you had a great time!