Wednesday, February 22, 2012

``If one could but go to Brighton!''

Here's the thing: we used to be skiers. Well, Landon is a snowboarder, but you know what I mean. We both did ski school as kids and grew up heading to Targhee a few times every winter. Several years ago, due to a happy coincidence and a generous uncle, we even had season passes to Park City. But we haven't been since then. Because here's the other thing: skiing is holy EXPENSIVE Batman!

But we have missed it. And so for Christmas this year I gave Landon the gift of a cold nose and sore legs the next day, and we packed ourselves off to Brighton Ski Resort on President's Day. 

And we remember now why we love it!

It was beautiful, and recharging, and exciting.
A rare opportunity for us to have a date without Walt, and do something physical.

We left happy, refreshed, and with a vow to try and go again next year. (Save those pennies!)

And, to the old man who made fun of my old-school, straight edged, had 'em since the 7th grade skis...well, I really have nothing to say to that. We can't all be rich. But we Burgeners are rich in all the ways that matter. :)

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Andrea said...

I'm so jealous!! We haven't gone once this year. :( Maybe that has something to do with the fact that we're never together though... Hope to see you soon!