Friday, November 18, 2011

...In which I realize just how tired I really am

Some people react to immense stress, pressure and lack of sleep by having a meltdown. Some sob, some get angry, blaming other people. Some refuse to get out of bed for days on end. Some people  lose weight, gain weight, or have trouble sleeping. And some light their houses on fire.

Wait, people don't do that last one?


Don't put recipe books on the empty stove when you are exhausted, so you accidentally turn on the wrong burner, and then leave to do something else while waiting for the water to boil. Lesson learned.

But, if you do, leave the mess. Open the windows and flip on the fan so the surprisingly copious amount of smoke can air out. Recognize that it's probably best if you don't cook at all in this state, and then go get pizza with your boys.
Sorry, bad cell phone photo - and, like I said, TIRED. :)

Make a mental note: burned plastic smells.

And then be glad that the previous tenants left a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. So glad it's Friday...


Jenay said...

Good heavens Kylie! I'm so glad you lived. Good thing you weren't too tired to spring into action and save everyone!

Nancy said...

Haha, oh that was a funny post. I can relate, no I have never set my house on fire, but I've done silly things while being utterly exhausted. I hope you can get more sleep soon!

Catherine said...

Kylie, I laughed aloud several times at this post! I'm sorry you're so exhausted but I'm glad you've been able to deal with it humorously ;)

Samuel and Camille said...

and that was such a cute cook book!!! I have turned on the wrong burner before, no fun!!! Get some sleep, if not call me at 2 am and I will be up, haha!!!

Roger and Laurene said...

Oh my! Glad you're all OK! Sorry about the recipe book. Erica will be sad. :/ Looks like the recipes may have survived?

Hey. Walt's car seat is wearing pink. Just thought you might like to know. :)

Hope the smells go away and the pizza was great. Some nights you just gotta let someone else cook. It was Newest Fongs for us tonight.

Love you all!

Landon and Kylie said...

Mom, it smells better today. I cleaned it up last night and that helped a lot.

And it isn't pink. It's my orange baby blanket from Grandma Vera. :)

Roger and Laurene said...

Oh, NOW I can tell. I thought it was the pink cover you borrowed from Jessica. :)
And of course, I was totally teasing you. Walt's car seat SHOULD wear the orange blanket from his Great Grandma J. That's definitely a good color.