Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Single Parenthood

Landon is in Colorado this week, giving a big presentation on his Antarctica research (today at 2:45 pm!). It's a great opportunity for him, especially as a master's student (these type of presentations are an invitation-only thing, usually reserved for professors). We are so proud!

I admit I find it a bit of a challenge to get to work on time when I'm the only one getting the two of us ready...I also admit to leaving dishes in the sink and eating Ramen Noodles and chocolate chips for dinner. Despite that, I definitely prefer to have Walt's adorable face, smiles, and laughter for company while Landon's gone.

Knock 'em dead, Lando, we're thinking of you!


Roger and Laurene said...

May be the

Craig and Sarah said...

That's is so cool... Good Luck Landon!!

Walt is so cute in the picture!!