Saturday, July 16, 2011


Lately we've been having lots of firsts around here:

First family photo:
First day at church:

First toy:
First Fourth of July:

First day at the pool:

First date with Uncle Trevor:

And (insert drumroll)...

First Smile! Hoping to have a photo of this one soon.

Looking forward to many more "firsts!"


Catherine said...

yay hooray!!! we love Walter!!! your first family picture is lovely :D and we noticed (we think) that he is growing! he looks so tall!!! also, is that a star trek float that Landon was holding him in front of?

Nancy said...

So fun! I love all that pics, he's such a cutie, and he has a cute family to live with!

Chelsi said...

Hmmm....Trevr does look awfully good with a baby boy in his arms...maybe I better start thinking about that. :) It was so fun to see you guys. You are a darling little family.

Mommy-In-Waiting said...

What cute pictures!

Barrett Gibson said...

I think that was Landon's first day at the pool too. Nice tan :)