Monday, December 6, 2010

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

I'm still here! My life is not quite as exciting as an Antarctic expedition, but I've been keeping pretty busy on my own. I have to say that through this very interesting time in our lives, my greatest blessing has been the massive support system I have around me.

This is Jenna. She is my oldest friend. I mean, as in, I have known her since we were approximately 6 years old, and we have been friends ever since, not as in she's 100 years old and freakishly young-looking. She moved from Rexburg to Provo about 9 months before we moved down from West J, so I've been lucky to have her around during Landon's many absences. She's always up for a good sleepover, provided there are juvenile movies (Schoolhouse Rock anyone?) and lots of junk food available. She's also a super awesome running partner. (Gotta do something about all the junk food we eat on the weekends, right?) A couple of weeks ago, I called her at the last minute to come to the football game with me. It was freezing, but we had second row seats right behind the field goal and won by a lot, so it was worth it.

These are two of my favorite cousins. I strangely have no recent pictures of us together, but to prove we know each other, here's one I found on Facebook:
Cracks me up. Anyway, Molly and Chelsea are twins, about 2 years younger than me, and just plain awesome. Don't believe me? Molly will tell you herself:
Molly and Chel live in West Jordan, about a mile from our old apartment. We've been having a blast with them since we came to Utah, and even though it's hard to get them down to Provo, they have still taken care of me in the last 2 weeks. First with a fun-filled night of Harry Potter, and then last weekend at Thanksgiving - where they introduced me to the movie Dirty Dancing for the first time. I'm hoping for one more good hangout before Christmas. Love you guys!

Last, but far from least, this is my family. The Jackson Five. We had a rare opportunity to get together for my Mom's birthday breakfast last week with just the original 5 of us. Although we love our spouses, and a party isn't a party without Stella and Siena around, it was great to squish in a booth together and talk and laugh like we used to before anyone left home. I feel pretty lucky: Abby, my sister, lives just 30 minutes away from me and has already hosted me at her house numerous times so I wouldn't have to stay home alone. We basically talk nonstop and scheme up projects together on a regular basis. Josh, my big brother, lives in downtown SLC, and is just a phone call away if I need some heavy lifting, some manly protection, or any emergency car repairs. Aside from that, my wonderful parents call me every day, send cheerful emails, and I know constantly worry about me. It's so great to be loved.

There are countless other people I could put up here: My fabulous in-laws, visiting and home teachers, Jesse and Catherine, many, many people in our ward, our upstairs neighbors, and the guys I work with have all checked in on me. So, while I miss Landon A LOT and can't wait for him to come home, I am well taken care of.

21 Days.


Catherine said...

speaking of being part of your support system: Jesse and I want to have you over for dinner sometime next week!! Is there a day that works best for you? (I think I have VTing thursday but with the exception of that, I think any day would be fine for us :) )

Andrea said...

Glad to hear you are being taken care of! I've never been away from Barrett for more than 3 days so I know that must be hard. Don't worry, we'll get our share of separation next year while he's doing internships...Hope you are doing well. Give us a call if you are in Rexburg around Christmas!!