Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And We're Off!

 There he goes, ready for adventure. Here I sit, on one of my own.

Six weeks separated from your best friend is a hard concept to swallow. Harder in concept than in reality, I think. And when I look at the examples of brave and remarkable women like Haley, Kayla, and my own sister, I am ashamed for the tears I have shed and resolve that this is really not a big deal. And there are compensations...

Like heading to the midnight showing of Harry Potter with two of my favorite cousins tomorrow night.

And finding out that this guy (who I'm kinda-sorta fond of), is moving to Layton in a few weeks!!

And the look on Landon's face when he talks about working with NASA on this project.

Plus all the time I will now get to spend with my sister and cute nieces without feeling guilty that I should be home making dinner.

Or getting to spend an "extra" holiday with my family, since they always spend Thanksgiving with my aunt in West Jordan. (Can't wait for caramel apple pie and The Rockettes!)

Or the 4 extra days I am taking off of work after Christmas because my boss feels bad for me and wants me to spend time with my husband when he gets home. :)

So in the end, we're really very excited. I may be posting more than usual - I'll be really bored interested family demands Antarctica updates, after all.

40 more days.

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Kenny and Kayla said...

What a fun thing for Landon! You are so sweet Kylie! Let me admit the first few days will be the worst, going it alone without your best friend and husband is definitely not easy, but you have so many fun things planned that time will FLY by! Keep yourself busy thats what I do and he will be home in no time! Hope everything else is well with you guys!