Wednesday, September 22, 2010


If you read my last post, you might have gathered that we have been super busy. Too busy, in fact, to think about how Landon is leaving in just over 8 weeks for his Antarctic adventure. Too busy to get countless projects done around the house (or even keep it as clean as we'd like). Too busy to really get settled into the grad school routine, which we love, but are still figuring out. Too busy to prepare our Sunday School lesson. Just plain too busy. So last Thursday, we made a split-second decision. We needed a break. Within a few hours, we had a hotel booked, a substitute for our Sunday School class, and a plan.

One day later, we were headed here:
{Zion National Park}

We had adventures...

Made some new friends...

{This photo was brought to you by Thomas, our new friend from Belgium!}

And admired the general splendor of the Earth...
 {Upper Emerald Pool}

{The Narrows}

{Lower Emerald Pool}

On the way back, we took a detour here:
{Bryce Canyon National Park}

And finished the whole thing off with ice cream and a drive-by of the Harriman Wildfire.

When we arrived home on Sunday, Landon was still leaving in 8 weeks, we still had many, many projects to conquer, and we were still busy. But we felt calm, and more ready to tackle what's coming. There is just no substitute for time spent together. Good bye, lovely Zion. We'll be back! (we may have bought a season pass...)


Kyle Andrew said...

Not only did you go to Zion without me, but you met someone from Belgium. I'm ticked. Miss you guys.

Sadie Lynn said...

Love the pictures. Absolutely beautiful!