Thursday, September 9, 2010

Family Pictures!

Fact: Using your wedding photos from 3 years ago as household displays, inserted into family letters and scrapbooks, and as facebook/blogger profile pictures is embarrassing and unacceptable.

Fact: It is EXTREMELY difficult to find a photographer when you yourself have dabbled in the art and have very specific expectations -- and limited funds to back up your pickiness.

Fact: Husbands don't like to pose for pictures. It is what it is.

Fact: If, after 3 years of using the aforementioned wedding photos, you finally get fed up, finally find the perfect photographer, and finally coerce persuade any unwilling parties to sit for the photos, it WILL rain, and the wind will be crazy that day. Murphy's law.

Fact: Briana Jensen is an awesome photographer, and did a superb job! Visit her BLOG to learn more.


Catherine said...

These pictures are so great!!!!!!

Charles and Nancy said...

ooo...I love them! You two look so good! She did a great job!

Chelsi said...

Love them!

Tedi said...

Love the pictures! Glad to see you are doing and looking well!

Kel said...

These pictures are amazing! You guys are a fantastic looking couple :)