Monday, February 22, 2010

12 Steps

Hello. We're the Jacksons, and we are addicts.

We can't help it. We love the high, the rush, and the adrenaline pumping through our veins. The colors, the music, the flames skidding across our vision. The feeling of invincibility that comes from watching others do crazy stunts and impossible tasks.

Did I not mention I was talking about the Olympics? I probably should have...

For as long as I can remember, we have geared up every two years for that magical story known as the Olympics. We were filled with pride when Kerry Strug landed her final vault with a broken leg and the US won gold. We cheered as snowboarding became a recognized sport, cried with Michelle Kwan every time she came up short, and watched in awe as Michael Phelps made history. In 2002, when the games came to our backyard, we made the pilgrimage to Salt Lake City and our love affair with the Olympics was only intensified. My mom and I came up with several crazy ideas that would allow us to go to Vancouver, but unfortunately this is the year that myself and all of my siblings are broke. :( Maybe next time.

But we couldn't just let the massive occasion go unnoticed. So we made our own Olympics. Last weekend, the whole clan gathered together to celebrate the sport. Oh sure it may have been President's day, and Valentine's Day, but these were mere coincidences, passing ships in the night. For us, it was all about those 5 rings.

Totally awesome "Team Canada" mittens
The Jackson figure skating team - 2010


Bonding time.

Ok, we threw a little Valentine's love in there, too.

(most of) The crew.
As always, the games have not been a disappointment! I hope you haven't missed Apollo Ono making history, Bode Miller's fulfillment of unrequitted dreams, Lindsay Von's heroics, Shaun White's epic run, or the US Hockey team upset Canada. Go World!


Catherine said...

oh my, this was the awesomest post ever. and yes, we have been watching the olympics! and they have been epic, as expected!

Natalie Ormond said...

I feel the same way. I haven't watched regular TV since the games have started!

abby said...

Nice!! I wish we could have stayed for the whole 16 days.

Kel said...

I was loving the games until the last few minutes of the USA-Canada hockey show down. Then I cried . . . But not too loudly as my mother-in-law was so happy.

Kel said...

OH! And I think it's crap that Apollo was disqualified. But I've loved everyother minute of them. Especially when Lysacek won!!!!

Roger and Laurene said...

SO SO SO sad that it's over. Save your pennies. We'll have to buy London trinkets in 2012.
Put it on the calendar!!!
Miss you guys already.

Lydia Story said...

I have to agree, we love watching the olympics! And it is so fun to look back and say "I was watching when that happened!"