Tuesday, September 22, 2009

True Cougars

While we did nothing so dramatic as the Utah State ritual (yeah Trevor, I am still appalled by this), last weekend we got some of our friends together for a pilgrimage not to be missed by BYU students. Since Landon will be graduating in April - and there's a good chance of snow that time of year - we thought this might be our last chance to do something he's never done. We hiked the Y mountain! It's not much of a hike - a couple of miles straight uphill - but the view is really pretty, and hey, it's fun to say you've been! Here's proof of our new status as "True Cougars":

We got lucky - and a blast from Kylie's college past was in town from Florida - thanks so much for coming, Camille, it was so much fun to see you! I can't wait until our next random adventure!

Jesse and Catherine came too, and our good friend Jenna. Kyle missed out, because it was a ton of fun. After our escapade, we made a stop at the Creamery on Ninth - another Provo must do, and another first for Landon. We sure are loving living in Provo!


Chelsi and Trevor said...

Hey - riding a huge metal bull naked in the middle of the night is not appaling, it is spontaneous and youthfull and fun...ok...and maybe a little appalling, which is probably why I brought a towel to sit on when I did it. :) From a true Aggie to a True cougar - way to go!

Spencer said...

How can you be a true Cougar if you're wearing a Wyoming shirt?!

Kyle Andrew said...

i'm glad i still got a shout-out even though i missed the event. true friends

Samuel and Camille said...

I just saw this... YAY!!! THanks for posting... I am barrowing some pictures to put on my page... THanks so much for inviting me, I had a blast!!!