Friday, July 10, 2009

Independence Day

The 4th of July is my absolute favorite holiday - even counting Christmas. What's not to love? America, red, white and blue, hamburgers, parades, lots of patriotism, and of course fireworks! This year we spent the 4th with the Burgener clan for the second annual Burgener reunion! Since I love the 4th, and we love our family, be prepared for a plethora of fun photos!

We spent a lot of time at the reunion just being together; hanging out, watching movies,
talking, eating, etc. It was SUCH a great escape not to have to worry about the details of life for a few days and just enjoy it.

The first day we went on a fun hike to Cress Creek, which is also where Landon and I went for his birthday the first year we were married, so it was a fun memory.
The boys love to do everything Landon does...

...And us girls love to hang out, too.

On the day of the 4th, we went to the parade. The Rexburg parade is amazing, especially considering what a small place Rexburg is. They give out free chocolate milk,

WWII planes fly over the parade route, and then there is the Ray's Carwash dance team:

This is everyone's favorite part of the parade. This year, two of Landon's brothers participated.

I think it's hard to appreciate if you've never seen it in person. It's something akin to watching an old-style drill team made up of 100% teenage boys. Just trust me on this one, it is truly hilarious. I love the Rexburg parade!!

After the parade, we had a barbeque, saw some old friends from high school, watched some movies...I took a nap on accident (but had a lot of fun doing it), and then we lit the fireworks! Which is hands down the best part of the 4th. I know, I know, I'm afraid of fire. But I REALLY like fireworks!
Spencer showing off his sparkler.

I decided to get a little fancy with the camera, so our whole evening culminated in this:

Yeah, we were pretty pleased with how it turned out.

We love our family and our country so much!!! If only Andy had won Wimbeldon, it would have been the perfect weekend...there's always next year!


Charles and Nancy said...

That picture spelling out the name with sparklers is pretty cool! It looks like you had a pretty awesome 4th!

abby said...

Very cool!! How did you do that?

Williams Family said...

I am wholly and completely impressed with the sparkler magic!

I'm Amy. Or Melynne. Whatever. said...

Kylie, you are my favorite and I miss you!