Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Voted!

Even if we did do it for the stickers, we're proud to show off our patriotism. We didn't have to stand in line at all, which was a pleasant surprise, after the media had hyped up the "record turnout" and all. We're proud to be voters!

And we've gotta say, no matter who you support, you had to feel the weight of history last night as they announced the winner. I personally believe that the founders (for the most part) would be proud of how far we have come regarding racial equality. We can't wait to talk with Kylie's grandfather, who lived in Tennesee during the 60s, and Landon's grandparents as well, about the stark contrast between our nation then and our nation now. We're following with interest the reactions of other countries.


Roger and Laurene said...

We didn't get stickers. We are ticked.

And you are so right. Today (as always) I'm ESPECIALLY proud to be an American.

Chelsea said...

My "I Voted Early" sticker kicks your sticker's butt.

Kyle Andrew said...

I'm with Chelsea. . . who votes on election day?