Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ode to my husband

Yesterday could have been the worst day ever. Seriously. Our car broke down over the weekend (more about that adventure to come). Luckily, I carpool with two other people. Unfortunately, Monday morning I got a text message from Karina (one of my carpool buddies), saying that she had to go in early to work, so wasn't planning on carpooling. I was still feeling ok, until 5 minutes later when I got a message from Jon (other carpool buddy), saying that he had to leave work early, so he wouldn't be carpooling either! I panicked. I arranged with some effort to ride in with Jon, and home with Karina. The plan went well until around 6:30 p.m., when I finished up my work. Karina has been completely swamped lately, and she ended up working really late. By the time I got home, it was 9:30 p.m.! Wow. I had put something in the crockpot for dinner, but it was still going to take me an hour to get it ready to eat. Needless to say, I was starving and completely exhausted when I finally walked in the door. There was Landon, the picture of perfection, holding a pizza (and cheezy bread!) and ready with a movie. Wow.

I just want to say that I am compleletly in love with my husband, and I have no clue what I would do without him. Lately, commuting and juggling with schedules and cars has gotten a little grueling, but I can always count on him to help me with anything; dinner, laundry, dishes, cleaning, anything he can do to make my life a little easier.

Taking a leaf out of Kyle's book, here are 10 things I love about Landon:
1. He always does the laundry, most of the time without me even asking.
2. He never complains when I take a break after work, even though he's hungry and the house is usually a mess.
3. He likes to go on dates to Barnes and Noble and Taco Time with me.
4. He gives really good hugs!
5. He makes time to do the things he loves to do (writing, drawing, etc).
6. He is constantly making me laugh - really hard.
7. He reads out loud with me and doesn't think it's weird.
8. He knows how all of the mountains got there, and he loves to explain it to people.
9. He's really good at the piano - even though he'll tell you he's not
10. He has a strong testimony of Heavenly Father, and he lives his life in a way that you never have to ask. He makes goals to bring himself closer to the spirit, and he always treats me like a princess!

I love you Landon!


Chelsi and Trevor said...

This is such a sweet, sweet post. I read it aloud to Trevor who said, "Doesn't it make you happy to know our friends are so happy?" I couldn't agree more. We love you guys and think you are both great...and from one grateful wife to another, here is to good husbands!

Chelsea said...

Too precious. Landon really is a catch.

Kyle Andrew said...

Landon's the bomb! He climbs on monkey bars with me while I ask his advice. That is multi-tasking at it's finest.

PS- There is a small fee for any pages taken out of "kyle's book."

Kenny and Kayla said...

aww that is so sweet! You have a great husband!

Kenny and Kayla said...

aww how sweet! You have a really great husband!

Cynthia said...

Maybe for taking pics it would be better to wait until sometime after January and I will tell you why. Nick refuses to cut his hair until he goes back to school...in January and I want him to have a nice haircut in our pictures. Is that horrible of me? Anyway, hopefully that doesn't put too much pressure on you, I would hate to take up your holiday time. I love reading your blog by the way. Glad you are doing well.

Lexi said...

Dear Kylie, how I miss you! Landon really is great, I wish I had someone to help me with all of that. Do you think you could spare him for the weekend? j/k I hope things are going well with you. Sorry about the car breaking down. By the way, our hosting cart broke down too...totally dead for sure this time. We are getting another. I'll have an unveiling on my blog as soon as we get it in. Have a great day! Love ya!