Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So Long Sweet Summer.

We were not ready for summer to end. Fall crept up on us without our permission. We didn't accomplish even close to everything we wanted to do this summer! We were supposed to go on a long camp out, take at least one more hiking trip to a scenic spot, spend more lazy afternoons at the park, play tennis, read more, take more naps. In short, we aren't ready to grow up.

This was our first "non-summer..." that is to say, the first summer we haven't had a break. Kylie worked straight through it, taking only 2 days of vacation since April, and Landon was a trooper and took classes both spring and summer terms. Additionally, his field camp took up the only hope he had for a break - the two weeks between summer and fall semester. He's a great worker and is trying to get through school as quickly as possible before Kylie has a nervous breakdown from agency life. He is much appreciated.

Anyhow, we refused to let summer be over just yet. So this weekend we accomplished at least one of our summer goals. We had a wild ride (or several) at Lagoon amusement park with "the cousins," Chelsea and Kyle. Chelsea is actually Kylie's cousin. Kyle is Chelsea's friend whom we have adopted. We love hanging out with both of them; they've quickly become our favorite (and basically only) friends here in West J. Ironically, and as a side note, Lagoon is in Farmington, where Kylie works. It might be the only other thing in Farmington, aside from her office. She was dubious about making the long drive there and back on a Saturday, the one day she DOESN'T have to go to Farminton, but it turned out to be worth it. Here are a few photos from the farewell to summer event:

The "Wicked" rollercoaster was our favorite ride. It's new, which we understand is a relative term since neither of us has been to Lagoon since our senior year of high school.

Apparently, there are all these museums and displays in Pioneer Village, which we'd never seen before, but we enjoyed thouroughly while we dried off from riding Rattlesnake Rapids twice in a row.

Chel and Kyle enjoying the Sky Ride.

This is a real jail. They used to throw drunkards in there in the good ole' days.

"You could be swining on a star..." (Jenna is probably the only one who will get this caption. Oh well.)

Thanks for the cute pictures, Kyle and Chel! And thanks for coming with us for one last summer adventure! And we'd love a rematch of Settlers of Catan with some Navajo (or Apache) taco goodness.

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Kandrew said...

rematch accepted.
thanks for the shoutout.
i have a blog now!, and my goal is to make it as cool as yours.