Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kylie's nunchucking skills

Since beginning a job in the advertising field, Kylie has been disappointed that, despite all the glamor in the movies and such, working in advertising is a lot like working in sales (and, after following apostles around for a living, who wouldn't be a little let down?). Last Friday, in a pinch, one of the designers at ThomasArts asked for a little inspiration, and Kylie got the chance to have some fun! The following ads were in no way worked on by Kylie, but the graphics/photos and concept inspiration were all her, baby! It was a fun little diversion from the usual grind of bringing in the bacon for the company. This is what advertising should be. Designers have all the luck.
Thanks to Deril for showing her the ropes, and for his never tiring patience with her Photoshop queries on a daily basis.


Roger and Laurene said...

That's MY BABY! You go girl. Way to show me up. I finally update my blog, and you conquer the world. I love being Kylie's mom. :)

Spencer said...

Nice concepts!