Monday, August 18, 2008

Goodbye Landon, Goodbye.

Yes, my husband thinks he's a stud. Actually, so do I! Landon left early this morning for a two-week class called "field camp," that all Geology majors take at some point. I haven't been home alone that long...ever. I've always had my mom, roommates or Landon! I'm a little nervous, but I'm so excited for him to have this opportunity, and to get one step closer to the ever-elusive graduation. If anyone is bored in the next two weeks, I will be home, and probably bored!
I love you Landon! Have the time of your life!


Mike and Erin Duerden- said...

I'll be in salt lake this coming Sunday and Monday to visit my family. The girls have school Monday so we oughta do lunch or something! call me. Love you.


Roger and Laurene said...

Hey, you're not going to be alone for very long! Mommy is coming! It will be fun. I need a vacation.