Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Hobbit

Once upon a time, Kylie was a little girl (I believe she was around 6 at the time). Kylie was exposed to a creepy cartoon known as "The Hobbit." From this time forth, Kylie was afraid and had night terrors concerning a menial character known to her only as "The Green Guy." For years and years, Kylie woke up in a cold sweat, believing that said "Green Guy" was coming to bite off her finger. And her eldest sister, Abby, did suffer much kicking at the, feet, of Kylie's nightmares.
After much struggle and arm-twisting, the man that Kylie married convinced her to read the book that this cartoon was based off of with him. And it came to pass that last night, they finished the book. And Kylie loves it, and would recommend reading this book (but never watching the horrible, very disturbing cartoon, especially if you are very young) to anyone!

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